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Provide the best Constructin services for our client with their satisfaction we have expert team, modern equipments and quality materials

Accurate Building Contracting LLC, will comply with the contractual requirements and laws & statutes of the United Arab Emirates in areas specific to our activities and strive to continually improve upon its HSE Management System..

Project Content

  • Health, Safety and Environmental protection are as important as other business activities.
  • Accidents & injuries are preventable and unacceptable.
  • Health, Safety and Environmental protection are line management responsibilities and we are all accountable for taking the appropriate actions to improve our performance.

Project Analysis

  • Everyone is responsible for their own and their colleagues safety at work.

Project Planning

  • Use our Resources effeciently and effectively so that we do not have losses.
  • Take foremost account of the Health and Safety of our Staff, our Contractors employees and other persons who may be affected by our activities.
  • Protect the environment, prevent pollution and seek improvements in the efficient use of natural resources.

Project Content

  • Identify, assess, control all the hazards associated with our activities and to have contingency plans to bring those activities back to normal after any emergency.
  • Ensure the safe operation of all industrial plant and equipment by training our people to be comperent in their operation.
  • Construction of itself, because it is pain, proper style design occur pleasure